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Cortina API

Cortina API

A collection of API methods that allow our to process payments via Nayax systems.



Our solution supports vast payment scenarios, a quick and easy integration process, secure transactions, and gives you peace of mind with our >99% SLA.

Supported payments

Credit Cards

Increase revenue with our leading cashless payment system.

Prepaid Cards

Decrease operational costs using our management and telemetry system.

Static QR

Transform consumers into followers and increase consumer engagement with our marketing and loyalty suite.

Dynamic QR

We created a complete platform with a customer-centric ecosystem to support your business every step of the way.

We are offering 2 payment flows to address your needs:


A two-step payment approach where Nayax first authorizes a hold on a default amount (prior to the consumer choosing a product or a service), followed by a final charge of the actual amount, according to the product or service the consumer has received.


Authorize means of payment and default amount


Consumer receives goods or service


Settle the final amount


A one-step approach in which the desired product or service is already known, and the payment charged is reflective of the actual amount.


Choose a product


Proceed to payment


Receive the product or service


If you already have a username and password, please continue to our documentation.

If you have not signed in yet, and Cortina payment solution is the product for you, please contact our business agents for the credentials to our documentation.